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Find your Tribe, Opportunity, rival or just yourself!

Athletes and Athletically inspired individuals & organizations across all sports and regions can connect with peers, professionals, mentors and other organizations while racking up their Grit points, competing in virtual competitions and forming networks in a truly gamified athletic community.

“Be inspired, entertained or discovered”. Compete, socialize and monetize while giving back to next generation of athletes.

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Slide Profile


All about You! Our Member’s personalized dynamic window to the world.

Bring your personality & aspirations while showcasing your achievements. Be discovered!

Slide Gritsy feed

Gritsy feed

Find your tribe! Follow liked minded members, jump on your interests and like posts to support others.

Make connections, discover and learn about yourself. Be involved and inspire by posting to the feed!

Slide Challenges


Show your skills and take part in skills challenges, challenge yourself and others.

Member-to-member or Gritsy’s group challenges; activate, participate and dominate. Have fun!

Slide FaceOff


A rival pushes you. Gritsy’s AI pairs you with a Rival of similar interest and level and issues a 1-on-1 challenge for you to accept on a live screen.

Accept and enter the live arena to face off with your rival!

Slide Battles


Group Battles. Get drafted by a Legend to join a elite team to square off in a Battle against another elite team.

Stay active, rack up your Grit points and participate in a grit points maximizing team battle.

Slide Leaderboard


Real-time global Grit-points leaderboard where you can see movers & shakers or where you and other members rank at all times.

Slide Personalized Member Cards

Personalized Member Cards

Just like a Pro! Personalised digital member-player cards to commemorate each of our member’s achievements.

For the Content Creators, Card Collectors, Competitor or Buyers. Collect, Trade, or Buy other member’s cards in the interactive gaming platform with your grit points.

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Rise now!

As a member you are a catalyst for positive social change!
1% of our Equity is allocated to help develop aspiring athletes.
1% of Net Profits will be allocated to solving mental health challenges amongst current Athletes
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Sign Up to Gritsy to reserve your spot. We’ll send you an email when we launch.

Hurry up and Reserve a Gritsy Username! We will try our best to lock it down for you.

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Our values Our values
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What is Gritsy?
Gritsy is the World’s Gamified Sports networking community. Our community is filled with talented aspiring athletes, professional athletes, sports organisations, sports brands, coaches, mentors, sports fans and more! The main purpose of the community is to assist you grow your social & professional community and network, find like-minded members, access helpful resources, learn through inspiration, get on virtual challenges, compete, get drafted on to Battles, rack up Grit points, level-up, have fun and be yourself.
When was Gritsy founded?
Gritsy was founded in 2020 at a time when humanity needed to heal, connect and form closer bonds.
Do I need any special equipment to use Gritsy?
All you need is your smart phone (Iphone only) and be your active self!
Who is Gritsy for?
Gritsy is for every type of athlete, sports organisation and/or Sports enthusiast. You could be a casual athlete, an aspiring athlete, junior athlete, middle/high school or collegiate, professional athlete, ex-athlete, coach, mentor, university, sports association, sports brand, sports franchise or just a sports fan who is willing to jump on to challenges and network.
Do I have to pay to use Gritsy?
Gritsy is a free-to-use community. It does not cost you anything!
What makes Gritsy different from other professional networking platforms?
Gritsy is driven towards providing a truly positive and supportive community for all athletes regardless of their level or geography to find opportunities, find coaches, find likeminded members or even rivals to have healthy competitions with and in the process find themselves.
What is Gritsy’s mission?
Gritsy’s DNA is built on assisting aspiring athletes and existing athletes and that is reflected in our Ethos where 1% of equity and 1% of our net profits goes towards assisting aspiring athletes’ development and solving mental health challenges for existing athletes respectively.
How do we get involved or contribute to your mission?
Just get Gritsy, sign-up and be active on it. As Gritsy and its community grows so does it’s value and it’s fund for aspiring athletes and existing athletes.
How do I join?
We make it really simple for you. Just download our App and signup for your personal profile. Once you have created and completed your Gritsy profile, ensure you opt-in to our Grit Points to gamify your experience on the Gritsy community and to open up new features of the App.
What do I do after I sign up?
Follow like-minded members, like posts, create your posts, share a little about yourself (or a lot), show your athletic skills by creating challenges or take part in challenges, get drafted on to battles, network, play, compete, have fun and monetise.
How do I monetise on Gritsy?
Gritsy is your professional window to the world of Sports! Display your achievements, videos and photos to Sports brands, professional sports franchises, academies, agencies, organisations, sponsors and more. Network, get discovered, signup for sponsored challenges & get recruited. If you are a Brand or a Sports organisation cut through the noise and vanity metrics and find the next true upcoming athletic talent.
What are Challenges?
Challenge your friends, other members and the community to athletic skill based virtual challenges, or jump on a challenge, or get in on Gritsy’s own periodic issued challenges.
What are FaceOffs?
Live FaceOff between two AI paired members on skills challenges while other members cheer on. Watch this space!
What are Battles?
Exciting team based virtual battles. Wait and watch this space!
What are Grit-Points?
Grit-Points are Gritsy’s unique activity based points. Just be yourself, explore the community, be active, test your mettle and earn your Grit-points.
What are Digital Cards? Are they NFTs?
Digital Cards are your own personal accomplishments & milestones commemorated as your own personalised Digital (Player Trading) Cards. Collect, trade & duel with other members to grab their cards to your trophy room. They are not NFTs at the moment.
What is the Leaderboard?
Our global interactive Grit-Points board of all our member with its the realtime trend of movers and shakers.
Why do I have to wait to unlock all of Gritsy’s features?
With our “Community First…Always” ethos Gritsy is committed to ensuring that members who are committed to the Sports, Athletic and an active lifestyle are in the community and growing with each level-up. This way we ensure that the community is always positive and true to our purpose and the domain of sports.
By clicking “accept” or continuing to surf this site’s pages you understand AND agree that Gritsy OÜ may collect information that has been provided by you AND that you consent to the use of ALL cookies that our site may use to provide you the most relevant experiences by remembering your preferences and repeat visits.